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One-Stop Thailand Dental Care Center in Bangkok

irst, it is a One-stop Dental Treatment Centre
with 18 dental units and an up-to-date Dental Laboratory with specialists in dental ceramics. The dental centre features the first "Dental Art Studio" in Thailand, where patients are given the opportunity to view crown ceramics and visualise their natural look on them. There is also a Dental Imaging Centre, where patients can get all kinds of dental images that include digital X-rays andthe latest technology in dentistry, the 3D Dental CT Scans. There are also two dental operating rooms where viewers from outside can observe the dental operations live, if allowed by patients, thanks to ultra-modern transmissions, and two dental recovery rooms. With qualified dentists and dental staff with years of experience, all patients, including small children, are looked after with utmost precision and care.
i-CAT Platinum Dental C.T.
X-rays of CAT scans are developed by dental C.T. for collecting information about teeth and jaw bones. The image data, reformatted in 3D from C.T. X-rays, provides complete information
to patients before
advanced procedures...

Cerec MCXL

Cerec MCXL creates ceramic fillings that match the colour of your teeth. Thisrevolution can mill high quality porcelain crowns in just a single visit by using acomputerised
CAD/CAM system called CEREC to photograph teeth...


Intraoral Camera with SiVsion Monitor

Intraoral Camera is an advanced dental treatment
technology which allows both dentists and their patients to
clearly see teeth on the SiVsion Monitor in front of the dental chair...


VITA Easy Shade

Instant Shades From The Name You Trust.

Microscope Endodontics

For the greatest accuracy in treating your mouth, the skilled endondontists, we take every reasonable step to remain at the forefront of our profession.


The LaserSmile™

Believe it or not, people have been bleaching their teeth for more than one hundred years. The results, however, have not met peoples expectations. With today's technology, laser teeth whitening through the use of the Diode Laser...


Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a popular option for bleaching teeth.
Since September 2008, Asavanant Dental Clinic has used ZooM!, a teeth whitening solution from the United States of America...



Consult PRO Software

By illustrating the dental treatment through animation
on SiVision Monitor, Consult PRO Software helps patients
to understand the instructions easily from the dental chair.
Asavanant Dental Clinic...



YZ-Zirconia Crown (First in ASIA)

an all-ceramic venering material for Zirconia

Virtual Reality I glasses

Recent technology on virtual reality can now help the patients relax and reduce the threat during the treatment in the dental chair. It is called "
I - glasses", I - glasses creates a Video...


Digital X-rays

Digital technology has changed theway we look at the world. And for dentists - it's changing the way we look at X- rays! With this digital X- rays technology , we can reduce the radiation up to 70%...

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Dental implant Bangkok Thailand from pure Titanium by Professor Branemark