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How many kinds of material are used for filling?
These days , the filling materials that are used:
1. Silver amalgam filling containing a mixture of mercury, and an alloy of silver, tin and copper, without hazard for humans in their solid state. This material is able to be placed in the tooth cavity quickly and cost effective
2. Composite resin, a tooth-coloured plastic mixture filled with glass. The material is used for anterior teeth,
in cervical abrasion teeth for reduction of the sensitivity, in posterior teeth and where needed for aesthetics.

3. Ceramic inlay used in cases where a large amount of tooth structure is missing or for veneer facing on anterior teeth.
4. Gold inlay used in the posterior teeth for large cavities. Choice of materials have to be evaluated for each patients particular needs. The occlusion and personal habits should also be taken into consideration.
Why does sensitivity occur after treatment?
The lower anterior baby tooth has moved and the permanent tooth is not aligned. What should we do?
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