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Title : ‘Computer Generated Ceramic Restoration: Clinical Observation Course (International)’
Date and time : 17-19 Oct 2008
   Dr. Ang Poay Eng along with Mr. Ivan Foong Kwan Kitt from Malaysia and Dr. Pornhathai Kanjanapas attended the seminar entitled “Computer Generated Ceramic Restoration: Clinical Observation Course (International)” on Friday 17th October 2008 and the “CEREC 3D Basic Training Course (International)” on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th October 2008, lectured by Dr. Somsri Sudsangiam, Certified ISCD CEREC Trainer.
Title : ‘The Art of Telephone Answering’
Date and time : 29 Sep 2008, 13 Oct 2008
   The Asavanant Continuing Education Center hosted a training course entitled “The Art of Telephone Answering”. The first group was held on Monday 29th September 2008 and the second group on Monday 13th October 2008 by Ms. Rabeab Boonkanchiang, a former Manager of Telephone Service Department of The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok.
Title : ‘International CEREC Trainer Course’
Date and time : 3- 4 Sep 2008
   Dr. Somsri Sudsangiam attended the 9th International CEREC Trainer Course organised by International Society of Computerized Dentistry (ISCD) at Cancun, Mexico on 3rd- 4th September 2008.
Title : ‘Oral Rehabilitation for Everyday Practice’
Date and time : 29-30 Aug 2008 , 12-13 Sep 2008
   Asst. Prof. Korakoch Borhipuntakul gracefully joined the workshop entitled “Oral Rehabilitation for Everyday Practice” as the lecturer and analysis and planning consultant. The workshop attracted interest from a number of dentists from across Thailand and so was extended into two groups: the first was staged on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th August 2008, and the second group on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th September 2008.
Title : ‘Success & Failure of Dental Implant’
Date and time : 3 Aug 2008
   On Sunday 3rd August 2008, according to the occasion of changing from the affiliated institute into the Institute of CDEC, The Dental Council and the Institute held the seminar entitled “Success & Failure of Dental Implant” with Asst. Prof. Dr. Theeralaksna Suddhasthira, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University, presided over the opening. Experienced dentists in dental implants from all regions also attended the seminar to discuss the opinions along with nine specialists: Dr. Kanokwan Nisapakultorn, Dr. Onanong Silkosessak, Dr. Panupen Sitthisomwong, Asst. Prof. Dr. Sirichai Kiattavorncharoen, Dr. Soonthorn Asavanant, Dr. Somchai Sessirisombat, Dr. Trakol Mekayarajjananonth, Dr. Pojanart Poomprakobsri and Dr. Kasama Aryatawong.
Title : ‘CEREC 3D: Basic Training Course’
Date and time : 12-13 July 2008
   On 12th- 13th July 2008, dentists from Asavanant Dental Clinic participated in the “CEREC 3D: Basic Training Course” lectured by Dr. Somsri Sudsangiam to learn the basics of ceramic dental integration using CAD/CAM technology in order to enhance understanding and all them to practice on real patients.

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